Sunday, 19 September 2021
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SMe-Mentor is based on VOCA extended project e-Mentoring concept and its e-Learning material, which purpose was mainly to create a comprehensive portal offering complete solutions to disabled people to have full access to “suitable” e-working environment where they could have real competitive strengths and e-Mentorship was an essential mechanism in this picture.

Here, the “extended and modified, re-adapted version” of the already existing e-Mentor e-training and supportive tools will be used to develop SMe-Mentor approach, project and portal to contain new lingual and cultural contents.

The major new approach is that; Mentees are SME Managers and/or owners either working and operating in traditional (conventional) way or e-working instead of only e-working disabled mentees; being individuals and single freelancers (in former project case).

Second new approach is, e-Mentors are all inactive professionals who think or feel that they have some background, experience and skills to offer these SMEs. They may even be former SME owners who have retired.

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