Sunday, 19 September 2021

The main objective of the project is to transfer the knowledge and background as well as experience of relatively older, well educated, experienced “inactive” people based on their existent valuable soft skills, to either new starters or to ones already running business in their SMEs.

This objective has two nested consequences:

  • Bringing employability chance for those inactive people.
  • Bringing "on the job" (or "in situ") training possibility to SME’s to improve their competencies, skills and competition strengths for better performance, as they correspond to 92% of EU economy.


For attaining this main objective, the sub-objective is:

  • To combine alternative interactive content adapted to specific training programs. These training programs are based on evolving users profiles (through the training process), and incorporate highly sophisticated evaluation methods in the programs themselves. The aim of SMe-Mentor is that training which is based on interactive content with active participation and active procedure representation can improve learning and also attract inactive people to begin the e-training process.

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