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Integrated Support to SMEs by transfer of experiences through e-Mentor e-Training


SMe-Mentor focuses on e-Training of e-Mentors FOR preparing them to furnish e-Mentoring services to SME's. Thus, it firstly aims to experienced people who are well experienced in their profession and having good background; but not working because of several reasons, or they may also be retired persons.

This accumulated valuable experience should not be wasted, the project aims to give them the possibility to become e-Mentors and re-enter the “job market” and secondly, to save the SMEs by helping them via e-Mentoring to support their growth and sustainability.

Consequently, e-Mentors will use their knowledge, skills and qualifications improved by e-Mentoring course. Moreover, SMEs will be able to find an e-Mentor through e-Mentors’ website and they will be guided on how to move on with the business, with higher efficiency and more competitiveness in their market.

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